The Santa Fe Center for Mindfulness

Mindfulness-based coaching, teaching and counseling.


mindfulness + Performance

mindfulness + Performance

What's your jam?  Parenting, athletics, creative endeavors, activism, leadership?  In order to achieve peak performance, one must learn to meditate in motion. Mental skills such as presence, focus, compassion, grit and flow, support you to do and be your best, at the things you love the most.This coaching can be designed for individuals, teams or groups.

Fall 2019 mPEAK course! SOLD OUT


This course is SOLD OUT

look for January 2020 dates TBA    


mindfulness talks + courses + Retreats

mindfulness talks + courses + Retreats

Everything we experience, comes and goes from our mind.  People can improve the quality of their lives by learning how the mind works, and by training it to do more of what we want. Don't worry, you don't have to clear your mind of thoughts!  Explore the benefits of this mental skills practice for yourself. Get down-to-earth support in the form of monthly talks, proven courses, and seasonal retreats. No fluff, no mumbo-jumbo...just evidenced based trainings from a teacher who is dedicated to her craft.   

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Practice every Tuesday with the Wild Mind Adventure Club! A mindfulness meditation hour dedicated to consistent practice, fresh mental adventures, and a great learning community! Find us at Santa Fe Community Yoga’s Moon Studio    


MIndfulness + counseling

MIndfulness + counseling

Because you cannot have a positive life with a negative mind, mindfulness-based psychotherapy might be the key to unlocking beneficial insights. Sit with a seasoned therapist who is still curious about communication styles, problem-solving skills, emotions, relationship patterns, and shifting habits.  Serving adolescents and adults, Individuals, couples, and families.     

                                                                                                Sorry! As of August 1, 2019, all counseling appointments are booked. Keep checking back for openings!